About Us

Who We Are

The Pushpanjali Hospital, Patna started its operation on Dec 29, 2015. We are the first super speciality corporate hospital in Patna, Bihar. The Pushpanjali Hospital, Patna has taken an initiative to amalgamate and integrate the best in healthcare be it manpower or technology. It has been set up with the vision of providing quality healthcare at affordable cost and within the reach of every individual.

The Pushpanjali Hospital, Patna has been able to establish its presence in Patna, India and its neighbouring areas through its patient centric and high quality care.
The Pushpanjali Hospital, Patna is committed to providing affordable, quality health care to patients by incorporating improvement in its day-to-day schedule.

Centres Of Excellence

How many of us actually care for our bodies? Pushpanjali Hospital, Patna take New Year resolutions and give them up. Pushpanjali Hospital, Patna join expensive health clubs and then ensure that we are too busy use the membership. We even service our vehicles on time, but fight our spouses and parents when they insist on annual health check-ups.

Let’s face it - Pushpanjali Hospital, Patna have enough going on in our lives - and the easiest thing to neglect is one’s own body. And unfortunately, most of the time, it is the heart that bears the brunt of all this.
Here are some simple, easy ways to good health. And yes, they are free.

Get Walking
Sedentary lifestyle is one of the main causes of cardiac diseases. Low physical activity means low metabolism and accumulation of cholesterol in the arteries, which in turn may lead to formation of blocks in the heart. So, what do you need to do? Simple. Just walk - for at least 40 minutes a day, without fail. And see how your body gets fitter and your heart healthier, by the day.

Spend time with your Loved ones
Technology has taken over our lives. It’s got us caught in its web so much so that we are increasingly spending more time with our gadgets compared to our loved ones. We prefer to 'chat' than talk, we use emotions to laugh, smile and cry and meet.


  •  24 Hour ICU & Emergency Service (Ventilator & Dialysis facility).
  •  Minimum cost for all treatment by eminent physician.
  •  OPD Facility(Medicine, Surgery, Urology, Nephrology).
  •  24 Hour ambulance facility with convenience of Oxygen and Ventilator
  •  Canteen facility for patient and visitors.
  •  Proper treatment of burnt patients (with the convenience of ICU) by plastic surgeons.
  •  40% discount on the treatment of burn patient's.
  •  Best facility for the treatment and surgery of Orthopaedics patient's (C. ARM available).
  •  Pacemaker facility for heart patient and their treatment by best Cardiologist's.
  •  Special facility of Neonatal ICU with ventilator, warmer and photo-therapy.