About Us

Mission, Vision and Values


Our mission at The PushpanjaliHospitalPatna, is to decentralize super-speciality healthcare, and deliver it to every doorstep in Patna, India, beyond the metropolis, and heal Patients with dedication, honesty & tender loving care.


The PushpanjaliHospital Patna will be recognized as a premier healthcare institute that strives to provide outstanding patient experiences, better clinical outcomes, and improved quality of life for the patients in the context of fiscal and social responsibilities.


Our values are essential and timeless.
Individualized Care
We believe each patient is an individual, a member of a family and a member of the community and that each requires varied amounts of physical, emotional, psychological, social and spiritual support, regardless of race, color, creed, national origin or economic status.
We believe each staff member is a valued, vital part of our healthcare team, and our professional staff are leaders in patient-centered care.
We believe in the worth of the interdisciplinary health team, which is enhanced by collaborative planning and outcomes evaluation among members of the healthcare team.
We believe in fostering a friendly, caring and safe environment in which the patient comes first
We believe in conducting ourselves in an ethical and honest manner at all times.
We value continuously improving upon everything we do to achieve excellence in performance.


  •  24 Hour ICU & Emergency Service (Ventilator & Dialysis facility).
  •  Minimum cost for all treatment by eminent physician.
  •  OPD Facility(Medicine, Surgery, Urology, Nephrology).
  •  24 Hour ambulance facility with convenience of Oxygen and Ventilator
  •  Canteen facility for patient and visitors.
  •  Proper treatment of burnt patients (with the convenience of ICU) by plastic surgeons.
  •  Best facility for the treatment and surgery of Orthopaedics patient's (C. ARM available).
  •  Pacemaker facility for heart patient and their treatment by best Cardiologist's.
  •  Special facility of Neonatal ICU with ventilator, warmer and photo-therapy.