About Us

General Information

The Pushpanjali Hospital Patna supports your right to choose who visits during your hospital stay, including the designation of someone as your support person or your representative for making medical decisions on your behalf. If you choose to designate a support person or representative, the hospital encourages you to tell your nurse, doctor and other hospital representative about it. Please inform your nurse and write down, when possible, any decision to withdraw or deny permission for someone to visit you.

Depending on your health care or treatment needs and the needs of other patients, you will be informed of any clinical or safety restriction on your visitors. The hospital does not restrict, limit, or otherwise deny visitation privileges on the basis of race, color, national origin, religion, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation or disability.

For the safety of our patients, care givers and other visitors, people who are sick with a fever, rash, cold or flu, should not visit the hospital.

Contacting Patient
If you would like to contact a patient at Pushpanjali Hospital Patna, please call our main line: +91-9523097831/+91-9523097832, Hospital volunteers deliver printed email greetings to patients on a limited basis.

Contacting your relative or friend
We understand that you may want to find out how your friend or relative is. There are many ways you can keep in contact, such as calling the ward, calling your friend or relative directly or writing a letter.


  •  24 Hour ICU & Emergency Service (Ventilator & Dialysis facility).
  •  Minimum cost for all treatment by eminent physician.
  •  OPD Facility(Medicine, Surgery, Urology, Nephrology).
  •  24 Hour ambulance facility with convenience of Oxygen and Ventilator
  •  Canteen facility for patient and visitors.
  •  Proper treatment of burnt patients (with the convenience of ICU) by plastic surgeons.
  •  Best facility for the treatment and surgery of Orthopaedics patient's (C. ARM available).
  •  Pacemaker facility for heart patient and their treatment by best Cardiologist's.
  •  Special facility of Neonatal ICU with ventilator, warmer and photo-therapy.