About Us

Director's Message

A warm welcome from The Pushpanjali Hospital. It is the first super-speciality corporate hospital in Patna, India Equipped with "futuristic technology" and truly "brilliant & dedicated professionals" behind the infrastructure, The Pushpanjali Hospital team offers International Quality, value & evidence based, integrated& holistic health care.

Our "Mission" is to decentralize supers-peciality healthcare, and deliver it to every doorstep in Patna, India, beyond the metropolis, and heal Patients with dedication, honesty & tender loving care.

We deliver patient care of the highest order at affordable rates without compromising on quality. This website is a part of our initiative to be more systematic and transparent in rendering our services.


  •  24 Hour ICU & Emergency Service (Ventilator & Dialysis facility).
  •  Minimum cost for all treatment by eminent physician.
  •  OPD Facility(Medicine, Surgery, Urology, Nephrology).
  •  24 Hour ambulance facility with convenience of Oxygen and Ventilator
  •  Canteen facility for patient and visitors.
  •  Proper treatment of burnt patients (with the convenience of ICU) by plastic surgeons.
  •  Best facility for the treatment and surgery of Orthopaedics patient's (C. ARM available).
  •  Pacemaker facility for heart patient and their treatment by best Cardiologist's.
  •  Special facility of Neonatal ICU with ventilator, warmer and photo-therapy.